That Which Matters CoverMountain Faith’s That Which Matters Debuts at #1 on Billboard’s Top 15 Bluegrass Albums! 

Mountain Fever Records is proud to announce the new album, That Which Matters, from Mountain Faith has reached #1 on Billboard’s Top 15 Bluegrass Albums!
That Which Matters was released October 16th to a vast audience including bluegrass, gospel and pop music fans, thanks in large part to the attention Mountain Faith gained earlier this year through regular appearances as contestants on NBC television’s popular show, America’s Got Talent. The band’s bluegrass versions of pop music hits endeared them to a millennial generation who voted them through to the semi-finals in New York City. Although the band was eventually eliminated from the show, their fan base has continued to grow through social media marketing and a self-produced video series. The result has been phenomenal multi-genre acceptance of their latest Mountain Fever Records release that is predominately gospel. 
“Proud does not even come close to describing how we feel about this huge milestone for Mountain Faith,” says Mark Hodges, president of Mountain Fever Records. “So many wonderful things are happening right now for them and our label and it is such a blessing.”
That Which Matters by Mountain Faith is available to radio programmers viaAirPlayDirect and consumers may purchase it through iTunes. For more about Mountain Faith, visit For more about Mountain Fever Records, visit