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Mountain Fever Records Releases New Album from Heidi & Ryan (Formerly Kentucky Mountain Trio)
 Heidi & Ryan Available Today!

Mountain Fever Records is proud to announce the release of a new, self-titled album from Heidi & Ryan (formerly Kentucky Mountain Trio) available to radio and consumers today.
One of the best kept secrets in music is perhaps not really a secret at all. Heidi and Ryan Greer have been performing since they were both 16 years old and after meeting at a bluegrass festival, decided to work together professionally, with Ryan joining Heidi’s band, Kentucky Mountain Trio. A few short years later, the two were married, and with the group’s new format centered around the duo, changed the band’s name to simply, Heidi & Ryan. Along the way, this amazingly talented couple gained a very loyal fan base that  has followed their music journey faithfully. When the duo was invited to perform for a SPBGMA showcase jointly hosted by Bluegrass On The Plains and Mountain Fever Records, Mark Hodges immediately became enthralled with what he was hearing. 

“Two different people came to me separately in the hall and said, ‘You’ve got to come hear these people!’ And so I did and I could hardly believe my ears! Heidi’s voice is simply angelic and Ryan’s guitar playing is going to set everyone on their ear very soon. Not only that, but the couple is truly gifted with writing, also. I’m excited to present their talent on an even larger format than what they’ve already accomplished on their own, and I expect the bluegrass world is going to embrace them just as we have.”
“Heidi & Ryan offer a fresh young sound to lovers of traditional, acoustic music. You hear the hard edges of mountain Gospel and bluegrass, smoothed over by Heidi’s lush and expressive voice. What’s not to like?”
~ John Lawless, Bluegrass Today ~ 
The new Heidi & Ryan album is so beautifully done, instrumentally and vocally a pure pleasure to listen to. Well written songs that tell the story of Good News, highly recommended!
~ Joe Stutzman, Heartland Bluegrass ~
Positive and powerful are just a couple of words that come to mind when listening to the Heidi & Ryan project from Mountain Fever Records. Contemporary bluegrass at its best!
~ Judith Burnett, WBRF ~

Heidi & Ryan is now available to radio via AirPlay Direct or a direct digital download by emailing a request to radio@mountainfever.com. Consumers may purchase the album via iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. For more information on Heidi & Ryan, please visit www.heidiandryanmusic.com and for more about Mountain Fever Records and its stellar roster of artists, visit www.mountainfever.com.
Track Listing

1. Grandma’s Knee (2:00)
2. Come To Jesus (4:07)
3. Darkest Day (2:57)
4. Money Won’t (3:24)
5. Will You Be Ready (3:26)
6. Pictures (3:50)
7. Sometimes Love Hurts (3:55)
8. Sowing Seeds (4:03)
9. Oh Atlanta (3:39)
10. Fire Down Yonder (2:54)
11. Somebody’s Praying (4:35)