ltd_cover_highres-2Mountain Fever Records: Living The Dream – The New Album From The Spinney Brothers is Available Today!

Mountain Fever Records is pleased to announce Living The Dream, the brand new album from The Spinney Brothers is available to radio and consumers today! 
In recent years, The Spinney Brothers have established the reputation of being one of bluegrass music’s hardest-working, well-loved bands due to spending approximately 150 days each year traveling between their Canadian home to venues all over the United States and beyond. Their music and infectious personalities have endeared them to a growing fanbase that has become not only very loyal, but very vocal when it comes to lauding the band’s praises. In 2014, the band was nominated for two IBMA awards for Emerging Artistand Song of the Year which afforded them a performance during the prestigious IBMA Awards; a performance that has since been cited as one of the show’s highlights. With their latest album, Living The Dream, the band has really come into their own, gaining a full understanding of what their fans love most about them and their music, and producing it flawlessly. Rick and Allan Spinney once again enlisted the help of producer Ron Stewart, who also lends his fiddle talents, while also featuring dobro extraordinaire Rob Ickes on several cuts. With each track, The Spinney Brothers continue to engage the listener through their music, singing honestly, from the heart, about real-life experiences. And while fans of the band will continue to fall more in love with them throughout this album, radio has already embraced Living The Dream.
“In the waning hours of our Spring membership drive, I received a much needed adrenalin boost today as I listened to the new release by the Spinney Brothers. As usual the vocals are superb and there’s  an excellent selection of material, guaranteed to touch every human emotion.  It’s great to hear Allan and Rick’s inspired presentation of songs such as Earl Taylor’s classic, ‘The Children are Crying,’ to the tunes of relatively new songsters such as Terry Foust and Ray Edwards. Kudos, also, to Ron Stewart for the flawless technical quality.  They’ll get heavy play at KMST.”
Wayne Bledsoe, Bluegrass Saturday Night, KMST
“Received the Spinney Brothers new CD and gave it a spin for The Folk Roots Show listeners.  They loved it!  More tracks on the next show.”
Marshall Andrews, The Folk Roots Show, KSBR
“If you’ve seen the Spinney Brothers in concert in recent years, you’ve probably heard them say that they’re “living the dream” of performing the music they love.  On this twelfth band recording, brothers Allan and Rick Spinney are in top vocal form, swapping lead vocals on classic songs and band originals.  This “dream” record is easily the Spinneys’ best since their 2012 Mountain Fever Records debut (Memories) and how nice that we all get to share it!”
Amy Orlomoski, Bluegrass Cafe, WHUS
  1. Living The Dream – Rick Spinney/Ryan Roberts
  2. When You And I Were Young – Gordon Wright
  3. Bitter Wind – Terry Foust/Ray Edwards
  4. Letter To Myself – Mark “Brink” Brinkman
  5. Home – Daniel Salyer/Terry Foust
  6. Lonely Lonely Bed – Ed Hamilton
  7. The Children Are Crying – Earl Taylor
  8. Pocket Knife – Ryan Roberts/Rick Spinney/Timmy Saunlier
  9. Pick The Banjo – G. Steve Watts
  10. Digging In The Ground – Randall Hylton
  11. Going Home To Tennessee – Bill Castle
  12. Walk In The Sunshine – G. Steve Watts
Living The Dream is available to radio programmers via AirplayDirect or by emailing and to consumers via iTunes and Amazon. For more information on The Spinney Brothers, please visit For more about Mountain Fever Records, visit