“Long Gone Out West Blues” – First Single – Drops to Radio Today
New Album – The Story We Tell – Available August 18th

Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers are pleased to announce the release of brand new music from their upcoming album, The Story We Tell, the band’s sixth album in seven years for bluegrass music’s most historic record label, Rebel Records. The first single, “Long Gone Out West Blues” drops to radio today and is also available for purchase, with the album hitting streets on August 18th. 
With a presenting sponsor in Rue Farms Rustic Potato Chips™, Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers (JMRR) will find themselves on nearly 100 stages across the country and into Canada in 2017, delivering first class entertainment and being deemed one of the busiest bands in bluegrass. They’ve consistently delivered authentic, chart-topping and crowd-pleasing music, as evidenced by multiple International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) awards and Grand Ole Opry appearances on their resume, and will enjoy a feature in Bluegrass Unlimited magazine this fall. Fronted by the IBMA’s 2016 Broadcaster of the Year, Joe Mullins “could be termed a double-threat in the music business,” writes Chuck Dauphin for Billboard magazine. “Musically, he is one of the top bluegrass acts in the business along with his band, but he also is one of the top radio personalities in the genre. Spend any amount of time with him, and you’ll be in amazement at his vocal chops — whether singing or announcing.” And with personalities that match their music, the entire band is beloved by long-time fans and those just learning of the group’s music. “Mullins and the Radio Ramblers do not rollick to a style that mimics first generation bluegrassers from Bill Monroe to the Stanley Brothers,” stated journalist Tom Netherland in a recent concert review. “Mullins forges his own musical way. He found a theater full of believers in Bristol. His music brought them in, nailed them to their seats and prompted thunders of applause from song to song. So goes the music of substance.”

And substance is exactly what the band delivers with their new project, The Story We Tell. The album’s opening track and first single, “Long Gone Out West Blues” takes listeners on a trip on horseback through the wild west. This high-energy song came to JMRR via Canadian folk duo, Pharis & Jason Romero. “The uniquely styled lyrics and the melody made it a natural for us and the challenge of a song with no chorus is something I love,” says Mullins. “It’s a powerful piece!” An instrumental and vocal powerhouse, the adrenaline is contagious, and proves an ample introduction to the new album from JMRR.
“Long Gone Out West Blues” is available to radio programmers via AirplayDirect and to consumers for digital download at iTunesGoogle Play, and Amazon. Consumers who pre-order The Story We Tell will receive an instant download of “Long Gone Out West Blues.” For more information on Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers including upcoming performances, please visit www.radioramblers.com.